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Fairfax County Schools-What the parents are saying.

I wanted to write about a little school in the Fairfax County section of Alexandria.  It’s Bucknell Elementary and not many people know about it.  Parents say that it’s a great school, with caring teachers, and a small community feel. The teacher ratios seem to be excellent! In fact, the Kindergarten classes have a teacher, teaching assistant and 16-18 students. Plus, they have many “extras” because they are a Title I school.  The school has a full time advanced academic teacher, who works with all the students, a parent liaison center that provide classes for parents, and a partnership with Bucknell University for a mentor program. Plus, did I mention the parents say the principals are very involved and want the school to succeed?  They say that the test scores have increased since the new principals have come to the school, because they are working hard to make sure all the students succeed.  Bucknell Elementary school is quickly becoming a favorite in the community. To visit the school or learn more go to:


**This is what the parents of the school have to say about it, not my own opinion.**


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